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Harderwijk, the Veluwemeer and water sports


Harderwijk and the water are indivisibly connected with each other The relationship of the people of Harderwijk with water has been one of love and hate. Thanks to it’s location on the coast, Harderwijk was a prominent Hanseatic city. Later, the former Zuiderzee ensured fishermen could earn their daily bread. However, the water was deceptive, and every now and then large parts of the city were flooded.

Water to enjoy!

Now the water is mainly something we simply enjoy with each other. At the city beach along the Veluwemeer. As a fisherman or a water sports enthusiast. Or on a rented motorboat, where we cuddle close together as we watch the sun set in the Wolderwijd. We pull the sails of our Polyvalk a little tighter and almost float on the water, which generally reaches to the knees only. Or we board a botter, where we are treated with snacks and drinks throughout the sailing trip.

Construction project "Waterfront".

Harderwijk has embraced the water once again. The ambitious construction project ‘Waterfront’ offers space to people who want to live along the water. There will be a lovely boulevard with water sports related shops. Of course, the plans also encompass great harbours for visitors and residents. It’s going to be gorgeous!

Paddle in the water of the Wolderwijd after a day of shopping , delicious!

Laura van der Linde, resident