A good restaurant? Harderwijk has over fifty of them... - ... including two star restaurants!

Fancy a good restaurant? Harderwijk is a great place for dining out! For example, you could pick out a restaurant at the picturesque Vischmarkt, the culinary square of Harderwijk. Here are two star restaurants: t Nonnetje and de Basiliek. The scents coming from their kitchens inspire the neighbouring restaurants to also prepare their best dishes. 

But also at the Markt and along the Boulevard, you find restaurants which put a lot of effort in their menu, the atmosphere, the waiters and of course the taste of the dishes. And people who look a bit further find great restaurants all over Harderwijk and Hierden. Hard to choose? Just come back to try them all!


Lovely Dinner in Harderwijk! Click on the photo for a summary of restaurants where you can enjoy dinner. 

Lunch, coffee, at a cafe terrace

A day in Harderwijk isn't even complete without coffee with something sweet or a tasteful lunch. On a terrace of course. 


In Harderwijk you can enjoy clubbing! Click on the photo for a summary for the nicest clubbing places.