Enjoy! In a restaurant or cafe in Harderwijk - Dining, lunching or clubbing

Looking for a cosy cafe or a tasteful restaurant? Harderwijk offers everything for the epicurean. With even two star restaurants in its inner city, Harderwijk may truly call itself a culinary city. Here you can enjoy fantastic food. Almost every taste, and also for every wallet. A great event with a large group or a romantic evening for two. A lovely dinner or a delicious lunch.

Do you prefer a cup of coffee with a piece of cake? Of course, that’s also possible. In summertime it’s wonderful to relax at one of the many terraces in Harderwijk’s inner city. Feel like partying out? Even then, Harderwijk is the place to be. This cosy city is a great place for clubbing.

Check out an overview of the locations below. For dinner, lunch or nightlife. You decide. You’ll feel welcomed everywhere.



© han van Zadelhoff - Het verhaal van de stad


Lovely Dinner in Harderwijk! Click on the photo for a summary of restaurants where you can enjoy dinner. 

Bluesroute terras Harderwijk

Bluesroute terras Harderwijk

© Erik Rudolfs - Verhaal van de Stad

Lunch, coffee, at a cafe terrace

A day in Harderwijk isn't even complete without coffee with something sweet or a tasteful lunch. On a terrace of course. 


In Harderwijk you can enjoy clubbing! Click on the photo for a summary for the nicest clubbing places.