Clothing and shoes

Looking for a new outfit? A dress or a suit for a special occasion? Or some new jeans? With matching shoes? You can find it in Harderwijk.

Home and decor

From a new kitchen to a nice gift for your friends. You can find it all Harderwijk. 

Food and specialties

Beautiful fear products. Dutch cheese or candy, or maybe just a good french wine. Harderwijk has lots of food and specialties shops where you can find it all. 

Parkeren Houtwal

Parkeren Houtwal

© Henk Merjenburgh - Verhaal van de Stad


Are you looking for the newest games, a laptop or a new smartphone? Harderwijk has it all. 


In the centre of Harderwijk you can find this remaining shops as well.

Beauty and care

Are you looking for the perfect perfume? Or do you want your hair styled for a special night out? From drug store to hairdresser, Harderwijk has a lot to offer. 

Opening hours*:

Monday 13.00 tot 18.00
Tuesdag 09.00 tot 18.00
Wednesday 09.00 tot 18.00
Thursday 09.00 tot 18.00
Friday 09.00 tot 21.00
Saturday 09.00 tot 17.00

* Hours may vary by store.

Late night shopping : Friday

Weekly market : Saturday 08.30 to 13.30

In Harderwijk, I like the unique and local stores in particular.

Christine (38) from Utrecht